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Result Reporting
Computer Inquiry
Laboratory computer and multifunctional terminals are located throughout the Medical Center in nursing stations and in the physicians' lounge on the fourth floor of the Academic Facility. Use of one of these devices is encouraged as it is the most efficient and least error prone method to obtain results. Results are available upon inquiry within seconds of result verification by the laboratory. If, upon inquiry, results are not yet available in the computer, they are also not available via telephone inquiry to the laboratory.
The specimen status definitions are listed below:

Status Definition
PD DIS Ordered, but not yet drawn
DISPTCH Collection labels have printed, but still not drawn
CN COL Specimen received in LSS
IN LAB Specimen received in the lab to be tested
PROCESS Test in process, results not verified
COMPLT Test results completed
CANCEL Test has been cancelled for reason listed
CREDIT A credit for the test has been issued

Telephone Inquiries

Call Client Services at ext. 22738 (BBEST) for laboratory results. Call the Blood Center at ext. 25290 for transfusion inquiries and ext. 25334 for Donor Services.  The caller will be transferred from the BBEST number to the appropriate laboratory division if technical questions regarding result status arise.
Critical Values Notification Procedure
Critical test results and critical results/values, once obtained or identified, respectively, are reported as soon as possible to a licensed independent practitioner (LIP), i.e. physician or a Mid-level Provider such as an advanced practice nurse (APN), or physician assistant (PA) who is caring for the patient and who can take appropriate action. If circumstances require that the result be reported initially to a staff member who is not a LIP or Mid-level Provider, then the initial recipient reports the result within an hour to the appropriate LIP or Mid-level Provider.
All other Health Care Facilities
The facility that submitted the test request is contacted and is responsible for notifying the physician.