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Specimen Delivery
The Laboratory Support Service (LSS) is responsible for specimen transport to the laboratories.

Routine Deliveries
Routine sweeps are made periodically throughout the day, from 0700-2100. During this time, routine specimens are picked up from the bin and specimen refrigerator located in the soiled utility room on each nursing unit and from the LLT carts.
Timed 24-hour urine collections will be picked up by the laboratory when:
  1. The container is taped shut and the word "Closed" is written on the tape. 
  2. A laboratory requisition or lab barcode label is attached to the urine container.
Coagulation Specimens
Transport the specimen to Specimen Receiving as soon as possible. Blood should arrive in the Core Laboratory within 4 hours of collection.

Stat Deliveries
To request a pickup, call the LSS Receiving Station, ext. 21587. A courier will be dispatched to the nursing unit within 10 minutes.

Transport of Specimens Using the Pneumatic Tube System
Many blood and urinalysis specimens may be sent to the laboratory via the pneumatic tube system. All specimens MUSTbe placed in a zip-lock bag and a foam tube carrier insert when sending specimens through the pneumatic tube system.

Iced specimens (i.e., blood gas, ionized calcium, ammonia, and lactic acid) may also be sent through the pneumatic tube system by placing the specimen in a zip-lock bag. Place the bagged specimen inside a second zip-lock bag with ice. Close the bag firmly and send to the laboratory.

Specimens that require manual delivery include:
  • CSF/body fluid specimens
  • specimens on warm water
  • fungal blood cultures
  • stool specimens
Deliveries From Outside Hospitals
Messenger services should deliver specimens to room 470 Jelke. Messengers may park at the bottom of the Harrison Street ramp, 1750 West Harrison Street, while delivering.