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BacT/ALERT� Blood Culture Methods

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BacT/ALERT� Blood Culture Methods

Remove plastic flip-cap from each culture bottle

Cleanse the stopper of the blood culture bottles with 70% alcohol pad.

Skin Preparation

Firmly tighten the luer connector of the butterfly collection set to the adapter cap.

With bottle on a flat surface, place adapter cap on the aerobic BacT/ALERT culture bottle (blue cap) and press down to penetrate and obtain blood flow. Vertically press the adapter cap down on the bottle.

After obtaining the specified amount of blood (maximum 10 ml) using the demarcations on the bottle label, move the adapter cap from the aerobic bottle (blue cap) to the anaerobic bottle (purple cap) and continue the collection.

Gently mix bottles by inversion to prevent clotting.

Affixing Patient Labels

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